IMPORTANT - If you are having issues with the Android version, please read these notes before emailing support

Rooted phones - We cannot guarantee the correct working of the app on some rooted phones. Please try the free version first if you have had problems before with other apps.

Slow Running - Blo-Ball is designed to run at approximately 30 frames per second and should work at this level on most recent Android devices. If you are experiencing slow running or corrupted visuals (due to low opengl memory) then we would advise you to:

(a) Exit and restart the application

(b) Change the settings to turn Detailed models off, simple lighting on and if necessary shadows off

(c) Power off and back on your phone

(d) Check Background applications to ensure other applications are not slowing your phone down

(e) Check the performance level of your phone with an application like Quadrant and make sure that your performance score is around 600 or above. Any lower than that and the Application may run more slowly than 30 fps.

Contacting Us

Sending Support Emails - Please include the following information in all emails to support

(1) The version and platform of the application you are having an issue with

(2) The make, model and OS version of the device you are running Blo-Ball on

(3) Clear details of the problems you are experiencing.