What is Blo-Ball?

Blo-Ball is basically football (soccer) where you flick your players around to knock the ball into the goal. It has throw-ins / corners / goal kicks / etc. but no fouls and two sin-bin rules to stop players from blocking the goal with all their players.

Can I play network games with Blo-Ball on other platforms?

Yes, on the local network you can play against Blo-Ball running on any platform. The only limitation is with Multipeer as iOS/Mac uses a proprietary setup so over Multipeer you can only play between iOS/Mac devices.

I set-up a hot-spot with my iPhone and can see the other device on my screen but not vice-versa?

Local network play uses broadcast traffic to identify all players on the network and the iPhone hot-spot only seems to allow that one-way. If you connect from the iPhone when the other device shows up then a network game can be started that way and will work fine once connected.

I'm having problems getting network games to work

Local network play relies on the ability to broadcast network traffic (for matching players) and sending / receiving UDP traffic through ports 55000 and 55001. Ensure that any firewalls or routers you have are configured to allow this.

I've started a network game but keep on getting the red network symbol and the game keeps on hanging.

Network play either over Bluetooth (Multipeer) or Wi-Fi relies on a good signal and reasonable bandwidth to work. If you have poor signal, lots of local interference (Microwaves / radios / other electrical equipment) or low bandwidth (we would advise 802.11g or above for Wi-Fi) then you may experience issues.